Most people are highly challenged in controlling their cravings; if you are one of those people, I’ve come up with certain tips on how you can avoid it. First, let us understand that mastery of oneself comes first before anything else and understand how this affects our decision making. Temperance or self-discipline is needed to be able to successfully avert excessive if not; unnecessary cravings.

Practicing temperance or restraint actually benefits us with mental or moral vigor resulting in balance.

Here are some steps how you can avert if not eliminate unnecessary cravings

  1. Substitution – in the event that you cannot eliminate totally an unhealthy craving, try to find things that can actually substitute this unhealthy item with the good stuff, for example: if you are sweet tooth and is craving for ice cream for a snack, try checking out the less calorie, sugar, less fat yogurt as an option. If you are into chips, try to substitute it with the healthier version of locally made banana or cassava chips but be sure not to overdo it; remember your optimum calorie intake daily.
  2. Avoid Stimulants – Caffeine and sugar riched food are stimulants, like an addictive drug and causes your mind receptors to crave more (yes like shabu and other addictive drugs). The problem of excessive caffeine and sugar intake is it actually depletes our body of water and nutrients (example; calcium which goes out to our urine) causing us to think that we are hungry and we need to eat more. Caffeine is a strong diuretic, causing us to go thirsty, which when mixed with signals of depleted nutrients gives us a feeling of craving to eat more sugar, more calories more fats, and more of the other not so good stuff.
  3. Lower the Dosage of the addictive stuff – if the cravings still stay stronger than the will, consider lowering down the dosage of the intake, take a small dose of caffeine or sugar for example. Although I am not recommending this technique as it is very prone to abuse, it is always better than not having a potential solution at all. Just be very careful and deliberate on your end goal of eliminating the unnecessary cravings totally
  4. Always Read and Watch Videos About The Ill Effects Of Overeating – During your time to check social media and other things on the internet try visiting health sites and be deliberate into reading about or watching videos discussing the ill effects of overeating your craved foods, look at how gross these effects are and try to imagine it happening to you if you continue your cravings.

At the end of the day, everything taken in excess is harmful to our bodies