Vitamin D is one of the least popular among the “vitamin alphabet”, commonly gets neglected and among pharmaceutical companies least manufactured for it’s lesser commercial value as well.

It is however highly beneficial especially to young children’s brain and behavior development. The following are the known benefits of sufficient Vitamin D:

  • Reduces Blood Pressure and Sugar Levels
  • Increase Red & White Blood Cell Production
  • Improves blood Circulation & Strengthens Immune System
  • Helps Expedite Toxin Excretion

Unlike the other “alphabet vitamin”, it is rarely common to supplicate Vitamin D through the dietary source, and the supplements available are above than the average price compared with other Vitamins.

Our bodies are actually capable of manufacturing its own D Vitamins, yes you read that right, but because of the modern and sedentary lifestyle Information Age has to offer, the average young adult today lacks a sufficient amount of Vitamin D. According to recent medical studies, here are some of the known adverse effects of Vitamin D Deficiency:

Our Sun plays a key role in Vitamin D production, every living thing in our world is dependent upon the Sun. Sunshine actually has it’s innate healing capacities; by naturally calming the nerves and destruction of pathogens thus can help prevent or heal infections. It is very important to have a healthy dose of sunshine.

With the right amount of sunshine, our bodies can manufacture all the Vitamin D it needs, simply by allowing our face, hands and much of our body parts get the right amount of sunlight (recommended is 10 to 15 minutes a day).

So, if you want the right amount of Vitamin D, get out there, get the right amount of sunshine outside, and just a reminder: DO NOT GET BURN!