Say to him: ‘Long life to you! Good health to you and your household! And good health to all that is yours!  – 1 Samuel 25:6 (NIV)

 Yes, you read that right: God loves you so much he wants you to take care of your health. This is puzzling for most Christians, especially those who subscribed hardly to the fact that: ‘we don’t belong to this world’… Indeed, that was correct, we are all spiritual beings in our temporal selves, yet little did we understand that taking care of our earthly lives (that including our spiritual, mental, physical, social, and even financial aspects) is a must in giving back glory and praises to God.

We tend to forget our health when we live our daily lives especially at the advent of the so-called modern life, where we eat fast, work fast, live fast and die fast, so fast almost every little thing we can consume comes in an ‘Instant’: instant Mami, instant Coffee, instant milk, instant GF/BF [that one I have to double check with the manufacturer].

The repercussion of doing everything in an instant also speeds up our aging, vis a vis dying: our cells grow old so fast, organs wear and tear so fast we are now encountering several sicknesses related to our modern lifestyle.

Since talking about health is something radically different from most Christian communities’ talks and seminars, I would like to walk you to some of the most revolutionary, common yet unrealized facts (and myths) pertinent to our health:

1)      Being healthy is 20% Nature and 80% Nurture: we are made to think that some diseases are hereditary (like Diabetes for example); while it is true that we inherit our genes from our parents and the parents of our parents, our genes do not define the menu of the day. Recent studies show that for diseases like diabetes and heart ailments: it’s commonly caused by our excessive (or lacking) food intake and inactivity due to the sedentary nature of the modern lifestyle (sitting in an office or school the whole day).

2)      High Blood Pressure is not a sickness: even if doctors prescribe medicines to ‘lower down’ your BP it does not address your exact needs. Any licensed Doctor will tell you that high BP has no cure, that’s right because it is not a sickness. Blood pressure is a natural occurrence in our body when our hearts pump out blood to our veins there’s pressure alongside it. High BP is a manifestation that something can be wrong with your body, either your heart pumps blood so fast the pressure is high or your veins are clogged.

3)      People often are mistaken ‘being thirsty’ for ’being hungry’: studies show that when people ‘feel’ hungry it does not necessarily mean that your body (especially your cells) is actually hungry. Oftentimes when we’re at work, home or school we only drink water alongside a meal, hence the result is we’re actually thirsty yet we try to suffice that thirst with food because we mistakenly felt that we’re hungry. Remember, our bodies our 70% water.

4)      Smoking does not relieve your stress: nicotine actually increases anxiety and tension by depleting your cells with their regular nutritional requirement. The relaxing effect of smoking is a psychological addiction, warn researchers. Psychologists, explained: Regular smokers need nicotine to maintain normal moods as they suffer tension between cigarettes. All that smokers experience is a relief from their addiction. This dependency gradually disappears when they quit.

5)      Eating fat doesn’t make you fat: contrary to popular belief eating fat does not necessarily make us fat, eating carbs and sugar does. Ever wonder why people who curbed from eating ‘fatty’ food still end up suffering from obesity? It is because a diet rich in carbs and sugars have been secretly storing fat by triggering our insulin levels: when we eat carbs/sugars our body produces insulin to digest it, once digested and unused what do you think shall insulin do to it? Yes, it stores it as ‘stored fat’ in our bodies, then we start to get hungry for it again, then eat carbs again, then repeat it again and again. It’s a vicious cycle. Fat, on the other hand, requires more time to digest due to its complexities, yet it’s very high in calories. It holds a little water when you curbed your fat intake to lose weight, but it holds tons and tons of water if you curbed your carb/sugar intake.

Let me wrap this up by leaving you a quote from a person who laid down the foundations of modern medicine (Hippocrates): ‘Let food be your medicine and not medicine be your food’.