Most people have read or heard about Maslow’s hierarchy of Physiological Needs but only a few really understand how we can suffice it. Since most of us are born post-industrial age: our food is “mass produced’, while we lack sleep and water intake, if not deprived and air mostly polluted; have you ever wondered why? These are all to make way for effectiveness by the day and in conformity with the need of the modern society to address its so-called “social productivity”.

You’ve read that right, our current status is mostly dictated by the daily cycle of mediocre lives disguised in the modern pretense of “illusionary effectiveness and productivity”. It’s time to break free from that cycle, and here are 3 ways you can take to prioritize your health;

  1. Prepare your own food – while most people lack the skills in cooking, most of the healthy food recipes are prepared for 12 minutes or less, check out this article here to learn more. Remember the more process your food is the less likely it contains the nutrients you needed and the higher the probability that it is laced with unnecessary (if not excessive) sugars, salt, and fat to make it palatable. Or you may also opt to avail of a healthy meal replacement like Herbalife’s Formula 1 Protein shake derived from plant source; a healthy meal with up to 20 vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients, 9g of protein and healthy fiber help support weight management, Zero cholesterol & Zero trans fat. It comes in 5 delicious flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate, Berry, Cookies & Cream and Dulce De Leche; Healthy Food never sounds, looks and tastes that great before!
  2. Drink a Minimum of 8 Glasses Of Water – Our body is consist of 70% Water, what we tend to forget during our busy work hours is that we need to take the right amount of water. People often are mistaken ‘being thirsty’ for ’being hungry’: studies show that when people ‘feel’ hungry it does not necessarily mean that your body (especially your cells) is actually hungry. Oftentimes when we’re at work, home or school we only drink water alongside a meal, hence the result is we’re actually thirsty yet we try to suffice that thirst with food because we mistakenly felt that we’re hungry. Remember, water has 0 Calories and will actually help you avert “hunger” without the guilt of excessive calorie intake. Prioritize your water intake by setting an alarm; in your watch or cellphones every hour while at work and employ a personal water container to make sure you get reminded every time.
  3. Prioritize Your Sleep Over Facebook or Youtube – In the modern digital Era, most people wake up with a screen (A Phone, Tablet, PC or even TV Set) and slept with one at the same time. Studies show that people who are exposed to screens are less likely to get the right amount of sleep needed, hence the need to deliberately minimize your screen time, or even totally avoiding it before and after bedtime.

I know these are just simple steps to take to actually achieve optimum health, yet whoever told anyone that a healthy active lifestyle should be complicated?

After doing the 3 steps abovementioned, for 21 days notice how things will change about your health and how medical problems can be averted if not eliminated.

This is Coach J always reminding to do more than just exist; Have A Life!